Wethersfield Teen Theater Company


The Wethersfield Teen Theater Company


Revised 5/22/2011 Effective 8/1/2011




1. The Wethersfield Teen Theater Company ("WTTC", "Teen Theater", "The Company"), a nonprofit division of the Wethersfield Parks and Recreation Department, is designed to showcase the talents of area teens and to provide them with the opportunity to learn about theater.  By being the decision makers in the business and creative aspects of the Company, all members learn the responsibility of managing a theater company while working to their full ability, learning from all their experiences, and having fun.  The Company shall work to achieve the highest possible standard and quality within the concept of a learning experience.  To achieve this standard, an attitude of professionalism is required from all members.


2. William Fennelly and Carol Choomack, who founded the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company, shall exist as lasting consultants to the WTTC, functioning to preserve the integrity, artistry, and purpose of the Company.  They are not voting Board members, but are entitled to sit in on and be privy to all Company business.




1. The Company should include as many Wethersfield residents as possible without jeopardizing the quality of any Production.


2. Participation in the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company and any of the activities in the organization shall be strictly on a volunteer basis and shall require Membership in the WTTC.


3. A Company year is defined as September 1st until August 31st the following year.


4. Membership in the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company is defined as follows:


a. Active Membership: An Active Member has paid Dues within the past one (1) year and fits the age requirement of eleven (11) to twenty-two (22) years of age, inclusive.


b. General Membership: A General Member has paid Dues at least once within the last five (5) Company years and still fits the age requirement.


c. Alumni Membership: An Alumni Member has exceeded the age requirement of the Company but maintains interest in the business of the WTTC.


5. The paying of Dues shall be required to be considered an Active Member. Active Membership shall be required for participation in any Major Teen Theater Production.


6. The Board of Directors (“The Board”) shall set the price of Dues for each Company year, which shall last for the entirety of the Company year.  The Board may set alternate rates for Wethersfield Residents and Non-Residents.  The Board may also set alternate rates for Cast Members, Members of the Pit, Members of the Production Staff, and Members of the Tech Crew.  Dues may not increase by more than five (5) dollars per Company year unless Dues were not charged to a particular category of people the previous Company year.  Dues shall be collected within the first month of rehearsals for a Major Production and shall grant Active Membership for one (1) year, regardless of Company year.  A complimentary T-Shirt based on the Major Production is included in the payment of Dues.


7. The Code of Conduct is expected to be followed by all involved with the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company.  The Code of Conduct is as follows:


a. Participants agree to attend all rehearsals for which they are scheduled, unless they are excused by the Director.  Attendance shall be taken at every rehearsal.  Participants with more than three (3) unexcused absences shall be cut from the Production, and Dues shall not be refunded.  Any Participant with an unreasonable number of excused absences shall be cut from the Production.  Participants also agree to arrive on time and ready to rehearse.  Any Participant with excessive tardiness and excessive lack of preparation shall be cut from the show and Dues shall not be refunded.


b. Dues shall be paid by the date set by the Board of Directors.  If Dues are not paid, Members shall not be allowed to participate.


c. If a Participant’s behavior is inappropriate during rehearsals, the Participant shall be given two (2) verbal warnings.  After the second warning, the Participant’s Parent or Guardian may be required to sit at all rehearsals and monitor their Child’s behavior.  Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, any behavior which interferes with other Members’ concentration or enjoyment during rehearsals.  If the presence of the Parent or Guardian does not provide a sufficient solution to the problem, the Participant shall be cut from the Production and Dues shall not be refunded.


d. Food and drinks are not permitted in the Wethersfield High School or Silas Deane Middle School auditorium.  Only bottled water is allowed.  Food may be eaten outside the auditorium during breaks.  Participants shall clean up after themselves.  Failure to do so shall be considered inappropriate and shall be dealt with as explained above.


e. Deposits shall be collected from anyone receiving a rented script or score.  A postdated check made out for the amount of the score or script must be made out to the WTTC and given to one of the Adult Advisors before a script shall be issued to the Participant.  If the score is returned at the end of the performance unmarked and undamaged, the check shall be returned, and if not, the check shall be cashed.


f. The Town of Wethersfield does not tolerate minors buying, possessing, or consuming alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on any town property at any time.  Anyone who uses or possesses drugs or alcohol shall be cut from the Production on the first offense and Dues shall not be refunded.


g. Any social events that take place after rehearsals or off town property are not chaperoned by an Adult Advisor.  Parents or Guardians are solely responsible for any risk involved.  These activities include, but are not limited to, bowling, restaurant visits, and certain Cast parties.


h. Parents or Guardians are responsible for the transportation of their Participant(s) to and from rehearsals and social events.  In consideration of the Volunteer Chaperones and Adult Advisors, Parents or Guardians should be prompt in picking up their Participant(s).


i. Permission is authorized for photographs and/or videos of Participants to be used in media including, but not limited to, newspapers, brochures, websites, and public access television.


8. A Member may be suspended or expelled after a hearing before the Board of Directors and a two-thirds majority vote of the Board in favor of the suspension or expulsion.




1. The Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) Members. The nine (9) Board positions are as follows:


a. CHAIRMAN: The Chairman shall call and preside over all meetings of the Board, oversee all of the activities of the Company, and delegate responsibilities to other Members as he/she deems necessary.  In rare or extenuating circumstances that require it, the Chairman may make a decision without the consent of the Board so long as an Adult Advisor is aware of and in agreement with said decision.


b. VICE CHAIRMAN: The Vice Chairman shall assist the Chairman and assume the duties of the Chairman in his/her absence.


c. SECRETARY-TREASURER: The Secretary-Treasurer shall take minutes and provide each Board Member with a copy of the minutes upon request.  All minutes shall include the number of absences each Board Member has.  He/she shall be responsible for all correspondences and keep all official Company records. He/she shall present a financial report at each regularly scheduled Board meeting, and be responsible for collecting/managing patronage, Dues, and fundraising events.


d. COMMUNITY OUTREACH: The Community Outreach Member shall be responsible for contacting newspapers and local media and see that posters and fliers are made and distributed for each Company event.  He/she shall serve as a liaison between the public and the Company and shall work to insure the best and most appropriate media coverage for Company activities.  He/she shall also responsible for organizing projects for the community and shall arrange the necessary Cast and Crew for small group presentations.  He/she shall present requests for performances for the approval of the Board.  A report on all activities shall be given at each regularly scheduled Board meeting.


e. SOCIAL MEDIA: The Social Media Member shall be responsible for maintaining and updating all forms of social media for the Company including, but not limited to, the Wethersfield Teen Theater website and accounts with Facebook, Google Voice, Skype, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and YouTube.  Any new forms of social media shall require approval from the Board.  He/she may also be required to maintain and update the mailing list and send newsletter updates via e-mail.


f. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: These four (4) members shall be assigned tasks and responsibilities as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.


2. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, all decisions shall be approved by simple majority vote of the Board.  A Board member may choose to abstain from a vote, but his/her presence is still counted towards quorum.  All votes shall be recorded by the Secretary-Treasurer and be included in the minutes for the meeting in which voting took place.


3. If a Member of the Board is determined to be acting in a way that is grossly detrimental to the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company, the Board may institute impeachment hearing proceedings, where the actions of the offending party are discussed, in the presence of all the parties concerned, with the Advisors acting as the moderators.  The Member shall be given an opportunity to argue his/her case prior to the Board’s discussion.  The Member may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board, with the offending party abstaining.


4. Each Board Member is allowed four (4) excused absences and two (2) unexcused absences.  If either limit it exceeded, the offending party shall be dealt as explained above.  If a Board member cannot attend a meeting, it is his/her responsibility to notify the Secretary-Treasurer and the Chairman.


5. The Board shall meet at least twice a month, with additional special meetings called as necessary.  A quorum must be present in order to vote on any issue.  Board Members shall be given advance notice of at least one week for all unscheduled meetings.  Without prior notice of one week, the absence of a Board Member shall not be counted against him/her.  An Advisor must be present at all Board meetings.


6. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be conducted by the Chairman of the Board in a manner consistent with these Bylaws.  All Board meetings shall commence at the stated time, or as soon thereafter as a quorum is present, and shall be guided by an Agenda which shall have been prepared and delivered in advance to all Board Members, Adult Advisors, and other designated persons.  The meetings shall, to the fullest possible extent, enable Members to conduct the business of the Board in an orderly, expeditious manner.


7. The Chairman shall set the agenda for all meetings. While the Chairman decides how meetings shall run, the following items must be included:


a. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: Take attendance, explain absences, read correspondences, report on finances, and read minutes from last meeting.


b. Community Outreach Member’s Report.


c. Reports from any other Board members or committee heads.


d. Old business.


e. New business.


f. Unscheduled business.


g. Public Comments.


8. Any Company Member can bring an issue to the attention of the Board and may be invited by the Board to appear in person to discuss the matter.


9. Provisions for permitting any individual or group to address the Board during the Public Comments portion of the agenda shall be as follows:


a. A five (5) minute time limit is allowed to each speaker.


b. No disruptive conduct shall be permitted at any Board meeting.  After being warned by the Chairman, a person's persistence in disruptive conduct shall be grounds for summary termination of that person's privilege of address.  If necessary, the Chairman may clear the room so that the Board can continue the meeting.


c. Questions which can be answered during the meeting may be answered at the discretion of the Board.  Other inquiries which may require analysis/investigation shall, at the discretion of the Board, be answered at a future specified date.


d. No speaker making an oral presentation shall include formal charges or complaints of a personal nature against any Board member or individual volunteer of the WTTC, whether named or not.  All such formal charges or complaints concerning individual Board members or volunteers of the WTTC shall be referred to the Chairman of the Board.


10. By the end of October, the Board must schedule a complete calendar for the entire Company year, including semi-tentative rehearsal dates, show dates, community projects, and any other events of importance.  Facilities must be reserved as early as possible.


11. New Members of the Board shall be elected by the sitting Board.  Once elected, Board Members serve until the end of the Company year or until they age out of the Company.  All Board positions shall be vacated at the end of the Company year, and then reassigned by the old Board for the new Company year.  A special meeting shall be held at the beginning of August to select new Board Members to replace outgoing Members.  The newly elected Board members shall be invited to all August meetings to observe the acting Board.  The last meeting in August shall be open to the newly elected Members to discuss responsibilities with the sitting Board.


12. The Board of Directors must be assisted by a minimum of two (2) Adult Advisors.  Each Advisor must be over the age of twenty-two (22) and must be approved by the current Board.  The Advisors should be equipped to ensure that the artistic, managerial, and financial aspects of the company are under guidance.  The Advisors are not voting members of the Board.  At least one Advisor must be present at all official company functions.  The Director of the Wethersfield Parks and Recreation Department may serve as an Honorary Advisor.  An Advisor may be replaced, after a hearing, by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board.


13. The Board of Directors functions as Chief Executive Director and Chief Artistic Director of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company and as Producer of all Productions.  Executive responsibilities include control of all financial, business, and organizational matters.  Artistic responsibilities require the Board to ensure the purpose of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company is reflected in all productions.  The Board reserves the right to override a decision made by a Member of the Production Staff when it is determined that the best interest and/or purpose of the Company is in question or at risk by a two-thirds vote of the Board.




1. Money raised in the name of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company shall only be used to support the activities of the WTTC.


2. All expenditures must be approved in advance by the Board.  In cases where many expenditures are expected, the Board may choose to establish a budget within which the person in charge of the activity may function.


3. All Members must present a receipt to the Secretary-Treasurer for all approved purchases.


4. The Board shall set a budget for all Productions before rehearsals begin. The Production Staff, or Committee Head in charge, may propose a budget for Board approval.




1. During the course of the Company year, the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company may produce two (2) types of Productions: Minor and Major.


2. A Production Staff shall be required for all Productions. All positions shall be filled for Major Productions, and only those positions necessary for a particular Minor Production shall be required for said Production. Production Staff positions are as follows:


a. DIRECTOR: The Director shall be in charge of the Production. He/she shall be responsible for organizing rehearsals, staging the show, and coordinating all Members of the Production Staff to ensure the artistic vision of the show is achieved.


b. CHOREOGRAPHER: The Choreographer shall be responsible for choreographing all dance numbers in the Production and teaching the choreography to the Cast. He/she shall be responsible for any warm-ups required.


c. VOCAL DIRECTOR: The Vocal Director shall be responsible for teaching the Cast all vocal music for the Production. He/she shall be responsible for any warm-ups required.


d. PIT DIRECTOR: The Pit Director shall be responsible for organizing the Pit orchestra for the Production and teach all Pit Members the instrumental music for the Production. He/she shall be responsible for any warm-ups required. He/she shall also serve as the Conductor for all performances of the Production.


e. STAGE MANAGER: The Stage Manager shall be responsible for maintaining the backstage area during the Production. He/she shall also coordinate all Tech Crew members, call set change cues during the performances, and maintain and organize all props.


f. SET DESIGNER: The Set Designer shall be responsible for the design and construction of all set pieces required for the Production.


g. ARTISTIC DESIGNER: The Artistic Designer shall be responsible for the painting and artistry of the set pieces on stage for the Production.


h. LIGHTING DESIGNER: The Lighting Designer shall be responsible for designing and programming the lights and light board for the Production. He/she shall also serve as Operator for the light board during performances of the Production.


i. COSTUME DESIGNER: The Costume Designer shall be responsible for clothing the Cast of a Production in the appropriate costumes, either found in storage, purchased, or borrowed for the duration of the Production. He/she shall be responsible for organizing the costumes by Cast Member and maintaining their condition.


j. SOUND DESIGNER: The Sound Designer shall be responsible for operating the microphones and sound board for the Production. He/she shall create a microphone plot, organize the equipment, place microphones on Cast Members, run sound check, and maintain the condition of all equipment for the duration of the Production. He/she shall also serve as Operator for the sound board during performance of the Production.


k. MAKEUP DESIGNER: The Makeup Designer shall be responsible for coordinating the makeup of all Cast Members to reflect the necessary time period and character onstage during performances of the Production.


l. VIDEOGRAPHER: The Videographer shall be responsible for videotaping performances of the Production and editing the recordings for distribution on DVD or other media.


3. MINOR PRODUCTIONS: The Board shall accept requests from the community to arrange small-scale Productions which would involve a limited Cast. The Board shall determine whether this type of Production shall be produced with or without charge to the organization requesting the service. Arrangements for this type of Production shall be the responsibility of the Community Outreach Member, who shall appoint the necessary Cast and Production Staff.


4. MAJOR PRODUCTIONS: There shall be a minimum of one (1) Major Production each Company year. During the fall, the Board shall consider suggestions for the show(s) to be performed during the Company year. After careful evaluation and consideration is made of all suggestions, the Board shall vote on the show(s) to be done. While a summer show is required, additional shows may also be performed throughout the year assuming facilities are available.


5. The Board shall advertise for all Production Staff positions. Those interested in working for the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company on a Major Production must submit an application, including a résumé, to the Board for evaluation. The Board shall interview all applicants. If after the interview process is completed no qualified candidate is found, then the Board shall continue to advertise for the positions. The Board must approve all Production Staff positions. At the discretion of the Board, any Production Staff Member may be a Member of the Cast or hold more than one Production Staff position. The Board may also approve the creation of Assistant positions for any Production Staff position. The Production Staff positions are not Board positions, but the Board may invite them to certain Board meetings to discuss issues related to the Production. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board shall not be Members of the Production Staff. If the Chairman or Vice-Chairman desire a position on the Production Staff, he/she may still apply for said position, and if appointed, he/she must resign his/her position with the Board.


6. Auditions shall be held for all Major Productions. The Audition Board shall consist of the Director, Choreographer, and Vocal Director, unless otherwise decided at the discretion of the Board. If a Member of the aforementioned Audition Board plans to audition for the show, he or she shall not be on the Audition Board. The Director cannot audition. A replacement, preferably from the Production Staff, shall be appointed by the Board. If no qualified replacement is available, the Board may approve the person in question to both serve on the Audition Board and audition, but said person shall not cast roles for which he/she is potentially qualified. The same Audition Board must be present for all nights of auditions. An Adult Advisor acting as a neutral observer shall also be present in the audition room, but he/she has no say in casting. All Audition Board Members have an equal say and vote in casting issues. Casting decisions shall be made by consensus in keeping with the purposes of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company.




1. There are four (4) awards to be presented at the close of the summer Production. All ballot awards, unless otherwise specified, shall be counted by an Adult Advisor. The awards are as follows:


a. WILLIAM PITKIN MEMORIAL AWARD: This award shall be given to a Board Member of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company who, by secret ballot vote of the Board, is recognized for his/her outstanding work on behalf of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company.


b. DANIEL CAMILLIERE AWARD: This award shall be given to a Member of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company who, by a secret ballot vote of the General Membership, is recognized for his/her contributions to the summer Production.


c. SUSAN FENNELLY AWARD: This award shall be given to a Member of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company who, chosen by the Director, is recognized as the most dedicated and enthusiastic Member of the Company.


d. KATHLEEN BAGLEY AWARD: This award shall be given to an Adult Volunteer, Advisor or otherwise, who, by secret ballot of the General Membership, is recognized for his/her commitment to volunteering his/her time for the betterment of the Company and/or the summer Production. In this circumstance, the ballots shall be counted by the Chairman of the Board.




1. Any Amendments to the Bylaws of the Wethersfield Teen Theater Company require approval by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board.




1. The following Amendments to the Bylaws are temporary and shall expire on the date given: